• Rail Kits

    NOTE: Gen9 rail kits have changed significantly from prior generation rail kits. Please take a moment to review the
    installation documentation that comes with the server to help you with the installation of your Gen9 server.
    NOTE: Rail kits are optional for DL380 Gen9 and are no longer included standard with the server. Customers have the
    option to purchase their server without a rail kit.
    NOTE: Ball bearing and Easy Install rail kits contain telescoping rails which allow for in-rack serviceability.
    NOTE: To assist in the installation of the server into the rack an optional installation tool is available by contacting
    your local services representative (p/n 695539-001).
    Caution: HP recommends that a minimum of two people are required for all Rack Server installations. Please refer to
    your installation instructions for proper tools and number of people to use for any installation